What is the biggest challenge in learning code?

January 11, 2021 • by Ilya Dorman
After nearly a decade spent satisfying my client’s development needs, and 2 years teaching more than 30 students how to overcome their learning issues and get things done with coding, I must say there…  read more

What is Zen Development?

January 04, 2021 • by Ilya Dorman
In all these years as a developer, I’ve been so busy working for clients and scratching my head at outlandish projects, I never realized how fundamentally impactful improvements in my learning…  read more

Wanna get rich quick? Sell Bootcamps

December 22, 2020 • by Ilya Dorman
Just don’t buy one yourself. You won’t solve your work and financial freedom; you’ll just solve someone else’s. There aren’t many legitimate ways to get rich quick. Unfortunately, a lot of people…  read more