What if you believed that becoming a great developer is totally within your grasp?

Becoming a self-taught developer is hard AF!

Doing this without proper guidance is even harder.

Have you gone through countless tutorials, courses, or even a bootcamp, but still can’t put an app together by yourself?

Gave up multiple times feeling like your brain just isn’t built for this?

Copy-pasted a bunch of code from StackOverflow, but don’t fully understand it, and how to debug it? Let alone, explain it under pressure in a job interview?

You want to learn the right way, not to waste time and get a job or lunch your product ASAP.

But the biggest challenges have nothing to do with the learning material.

They are deep internal struggles:

  • Unable to keep the habit of learning on your own, procrastinating.
  • Unable to write code by yourself from scratch, feeling like you can’t retain knowledge. Bought 3 different Udemy courses and still couldn’t write that app that YOU wanted?
  • Not having somebody to consult with when you are stuck, or to keep you accountable.
  • Feeling stressed, stupid or incapable.
  • Having the “imposter syndrome”.
  • Not knowing if the tech choices you are making are the right ones, leading to paralysis (also known as “decision fatigue”).
  • Giving up (or procrastinating) when not knowing where to look for solutions.

If this feels painfully familiar you should know that you are not alone.

You are not lazy, stupid or incapable!

And there is nothing wrong with your brain.

This is not your fault and you can overcome this!

What I believe about learning is that it a built-in ability that we have from the moment we are born.

All it requires is curiosity, passion and the rest just follows.

The fault is with our educations system and work environment.

For most of us, learning has been a traumatic experience

Today’s schools make sure that by the time we graduate, every ounce of joy coming from natural curiosity is sucked dry out of us.

Being shamed by teachers or even parents for not being able to learn properly, when they are the ones that should be helping us to.

This is how we start expect completely unrealistic things from ourselves.

Instead of playing and exploring, we worry and think that we are incapable.

So how do we fix that?

With the Code For Humans one-on-one mentorship program for driven developers!

Become a top-tier dev, the HUMAN way ❤️

No 10x, unicorns & ninjas BS.

Unlock your potential through focus & mindfulness.

Only in Code For Humans mentorship program you will:

  • Learn how to properly learn using methods backed by modern neuroscience.
  • Keep a 20/80 ratio of theory/doing. No more tutorial binging. Real learning happens only when you DO.
  • Get one-on-one support with all of your questions and struggles.
  • Learn how to recognize the internal resistance that makes you procrastinate or give up.
  • Learn how to think like a programmer. Formulate the right questions and understand the step-by-step thinking that makes a good programmer.
  • Get everything tailor-made for your pace and learning/working style. No more set-in-stone curriculum or class deadlines that put so much pressure on you that it actually impedes your learning.

The tools we will be using:

  • Neuroscience-backed learning methods.
  • Optimizing for time spent in focus.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Socratic questioning.
  • Building confidence, through micro-habits and manageable expectations.
  • Prioritizing and choosing the right learning resources.
  • Minimalistic approach.

How does the program work?

The program is a process.

It is not measured by gaining a specific piece of knowledge, hours spent in front of videos, or solving a specific problem like most textbook learning do.

It is measured by your personal and gradual improvement in consistency, learning and problem-solving skills.

  1. We choose together a real-life app for you to work on.
  2. We build a curriculum based on your needs and interests. Review and adjust when necessary.
  3. You start working on your app and use the 20/80 approach of theory/work. I will provide all the needed learning materials but you will always be challenged to put the knowledge into practice and find the solutions you need.
  4. Doing so, many of the previously mentioned challenges will arise. This is the core of the monitorship: we will face them, talk about them, understand them, and find a way to move forward. Some problems can be technical, and some can be purely mental or emotional and we will address all of them. You will no longer feel alone and stuck, not knowing how to overcome the inner turmoil that a simple problem can create.
  5. You will have access to an exclusive Slack community.

I will be helping you to unfuck years of false beliefs about your skills and abilities.

Coding is NOT a talent but a skill that anyone can learn and master with the right approach and effort.

On the technical side, here is what we will work with:


  • JavaScript & ES6: event handling, DOM manipulation, data structures and more.

  • JavaScript functional approach: return values, callback functions, promises and async calls, etc.

  • Modern CSS: flex, grid, animations and more.

  • React, using functional components and hooks.

  • Styling with React: Styled Components, Tailwind & Material UI.

  • React Router, Redux, and other react helper libraries.

  • Making API calls to different services.


  • Node.js & express.js server.

  • MongoDB & mongoose.

  • Creating your own API.


  • Axios for API calls between client and server.

  • App code organization.

  • Git, GitHub and AWS or Heroku for sharing and deploying your work.

However, most important of all is that the learning skills that you gain will allow you to learn countless more tools and skills.

And they are not even limited to the coding world!

You will be able to apply the same principles should you want to start playing the guitar, painting, or learning a new dance technique!

You’re one step away from changing your life!

Yes, this program is unorthodox, to say the least.

Yes, it’s confusing. Of COURSE it’s a little overwhelming. But it’s SUPPOSED to be challenging.

Learning doesn’t happen in front of YouTube.

However, if you are afraid this might not work for you, let me tell you this:

Coding is NOT a talent but a skill that anyone can learn and master with the right approach and effort.

You are handed a map to navigate towards being top-tier, will you take it?

Or will you get around to it “later” — and let the greatest opportunity fall away?

What a shame to stay stagnant. What a shame to let our dreams pass us by, and one day, realize our best years are behind us.

Now, if this program is genuinely not for you, I respect that.

But if it is — if you really want to be the best at what you do, and you know there’s something inside of you that you’ve been waiting to share with the world — it’s time to decide.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, don’t wait for “someday.” Don’t wait for the magic day when you suddenly have time, or you are less afraid to try again.

You have the proof that my material works. You’ve seen results from men, women, international students, beginners, experienced entrepreneurs, and people just like you.

If not now, then when? If not this course, then is there anything that will really change your mind?

The decision is up to you.

A year from now, you’re going to be a year older.

Will you be living the life you want?

Client Reviews

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“I would recommend Ilya to anyone learning to be a front-end developer. In addition to teaching technical skills, he puts a lot of focus on explaining how to navigate the mental hurdles of being a programmer. Through working with Ilya, I am learning how to better manage my focus and approach coding problems more mindfully. I have had several breakthroughs working with Ilya, and I wouldn’t be the developer I am today without his guidance.” — Courtney Walsh

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“Best session I’ve had, Ilya really took the time to go through it helping my understanding and helped to build my confidence making me feel like I know stuff even if it’s very little and blurry. Other mentors have caused me to doubt I will ever be able to get the hang of this but Ilya is so patient and has really encouraged me to keep trying and not give up! Thank you so much Ilya for your patience and understanding!!” — Miriam Payne, Support Engineer at SAP

google docs image 37a662f2 162e 5ef4 8407 cb1b9dc12635

“Ilya is a great teacher and mentor. I tried lots of different ways to learn React but it didn’t really click until I started working with him. Ilya also helped me to understand basic principles and approaches that can be applied to any programming language. He get’s straight to the point and always finds ways to guide me and challenge me so I can find solutions to problems by myself. Our journey together has taken me from playing around with and idea to having a working prototype with multiple complex components interconnected and potentially release it as an application soon. Ilya’s ability to keep the momentum going has been the key factor to make this happen.” — Juan Mediavilla

google docs image 7d9d0869 1d41 5883 b062 cc8d34024c8f

“I would definitely recommend Ilya to anyone who has experience in coding but wants to get hands-on quickly to a project and complete it, from start to finish, with zero bullshit in between” — Omer Ben Shushan

google docs image d7230f83 660a 5fb4 890a 4c2c73eeee47

“As an entrepreneur, I always prefer to create a working prototype for my new initiatives. So lately as I had to learn React I was looking for a way to add external teaching alongside self-learning. Working with Ilya was the perfect solution for that. Ilya is a true professional that works from the bird’s eye view of theory to the smallest details. He helped me to achieve my goals faster and much better.” — Shai Adler, Entrepreneur, CO-Owner of Pretty Ballerinas Israel

google docs image 3204fada be77 5338 9f46 8b4e36e8eccf

“Ilya was leading a successful web academy course in Trax. The course covered front end topics from the ground up and managed to attract veteran programmers as well as newbies. It was enlightening to see how Ilya simplifies complex concepts in HTML and CSS by using examples and group games.” — Nir Hemed, Trax Retail VP R&D

google docs image 69531791 bf48 55b2 9f21 a281e0623d7c

“I recommend Ilya Dorman for a code mentor for your software company. Ilya helped solve some difficult javascript issues with our native app charts. His skills and knowledge were unparalleled. Along with that, however, he brought an energy and dependability that made him instrumental to the success of our project demands.” — Kimberly Freesland

google docs image a28a6b15 d29d 5e6a 9188 a117bf23ea34

“Ilya is very knowledgeable, patient, and willing to help you understand the problem and the solutions. He is a very clear communicator and perfectly suited to mentor anyone that needs help. Please give him a chance to help you with your project, you will be glad you reached out to him.” — Luis Berrios

google docs image eda50f23 6a51 5f43 a906 37241834b692

“I have been very fortunate to have been able to be mentored by Ilya. Working with him has been instrumental in my growth as a developer. He will challenge you to understand core concepts and expand problem solving and logical thinking skills as well as the importance of writing clean code. I would consider working with Ilya an invaluable experience.” — Greg Hawthorne

google docs image b0200238 1d0f 5ffd 906d 9a6d43d21629

“Ilya did a great job reviewing my React / Redux app. He is super efficient and communicative. Would recommend 100%” — Julian Peterson

google docs image 5aafa934 6183 5219 a044 0b08a8ee5a96

“For some time now I was trying to find a high quality source to learn development. I have taken a number of courses, recorded and frontal. The course with Ilya is one of the best. He adapts the learning program to the student, and has a unique method that requires the learner to activate the mind and understand the processes he is doing. Ilya is a patient teacher, with extensive knowledge in the field, and gives a lot of support. Highly recommend to anyone who is serious and wants to understand the material thoroughly and to achieve great hands-on results.” — Faris Mulla

google docs image ef653959 bf10 5e10 a210 83bbfb2eb4b7

“Ilya has mentored me in Javascript and React. He is very knowledgeable and very detailed at explaining things. He worked closely with me to ensure I understood the fundamentals, by allowing me to think solutions through and apply concepts that I have learned. He is also very pleasant and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Ilya and will work with him again.” — Andrea Headley, Business Systems Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co

google docs image 2cf1c6e6 99c2 574d 8128 99d8bfb7cf0f

“Ilya helped me unwrangle some core concepts of backend vs frontend. Thanks!” — Moritz Laube